Two "bushes", unknown common tale . . .

. . .of the family MONDOVICS  in the historical Hungary.

South-Hungarian Line
first known person:      Jónás Mondovics  (1742 - 4.02.1806)
generations:   9   (period  1742 -)

West-Hungarian Line
first known persons:     Lázár Mondovics  (1693 - 14.05.1776)  and
                                  Mihály Mondovics  (1689 - 18.05.1776)
generations:   7    (period  1689 - 1895)  

Used form of the name:  Mondovics, Mondovich, Mondovits, Mondović

The origin of the name, the forms of the name  
        The origin of the name very likely Slavic. According to various opinions the origin can be Croatian
        (bunievac),  or  Serbian. There is viewpoint,  the origin of the name is  Slovakian  or  Slovenian,
        because the name doesn't  suit  the  rule's  requirements  of  forming of  Croatian  names  (in general 
        formed by the first name).
        There is another standpoint   the  root  of the name  came from a   Latin-Normann  word  (mond, 
        mondo) completed by the suffix -vics similarly as the forming of name of  Southern  Slavic  Nations.  
        This theory refers to the ancient connections of Slavic-Illyrian people by the side of  Adriatic sea.
        The name emerged suddenly in the  18th  century on two places in Hungary, registered in the register
        of births as  Hungarian people unambiguously, caused trouble to the family researcher later. It shows
        the earliest immigration to Hungary and the undertaking of being as  Hungarians resulted much earlier.
        It was a typical process under the pressure of church and  worldly power of that time in the  Western
        Hungarian  region,  so the  identity of  consciousness of  ethnic  minority, who lived there,  decreased 
        gradually, the  assimilation was very strong.  Typical of the  descendants'  behaviour  from  Novi Sad 
        and Timisoara nowadays the keeping of  consciousness as Hungarians is strong.

The typical effects to the written form of the name all over the world:
       - convention of registration of birth
          the orthographical rules,  conventions of a given  historical period in the church registration;
          a good example of the phenomenon the story of
Joseph Mondovics' name in the same register
          of birth 

                       Catherine Mondovics' registration of birth (November 1, 1770) 


                                  Michael Mondovits'  registration of birth (April 1, 1780)


       - the practical requirement of permanent residence
          the immigrated descendants to  USA used a modified form of the name:   Mondovich;   but it
          wasn't general, most of descendants kept the original form, Mondovics;
          in Bachka the original name, Mondovics modified according to the local rules:  Mondović 

List of craftsmen and traders: MONDOVICS

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